Atlantis Vodno Mesto

The outdoor pool is filled with termal water at 30°C witch is why you can bathe outdoors even during the coldest winter.


The calmest part of the Thermal Temple that connects the outdoor and indoor pools.


The gallery of the Temple intended for rest and relaxation.


The indoor pool of Thermal Temple is lit with natural light due its glass facade ant its roof made from special foil.


Witch do you like more: traditional or Thai massage? Whichever one you chose - we can take care of it.


These are cascade baths with owerflowing salt water and massage seats where visitors can take in the panoramic view of Thermal Temple.


Thermal Temple

When we hear the word ‘thermal’ we immediately conjure up an image of a relaxing environment and peaceful atmosphere full of natural aromas, precious herbs and other substances offered by thermal water that are extremely beneficial to our health. Thermal Temple within the Atlantis Water Park has been designed as an oasis of total relaxation where visitors can completely regenerate and become able again to face the rigours of everyday life.

The rich flora in Thermal Temple give you the feeling of an authentic connection with nature, while the sound of water running over the cascade baths creates a perfect audio environment for wonderful relaxation in special moments.

Visitors are invited to the cascade baths or indoor thermal pool which is connected with the outdoor thermal pool so that moving between them is possible throughout the year.

When Thermal Temple was designed, special attention was given to providing the greatest possible comfort for our visitors by using natural materials. The cascade baths are made of Brazilian stone while the terrace around the indoor pool is made of natural wood processed in a way that makes it suitable for indoor use in humid environments. A vine is growing around the outdoor pool, whose green leaves offer true refreshment during summer.

After some relaxing bathing in the pools of Thermal Temple, visitors are recommended to end their visit with a massage to give their body the ultimate treat.

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