Atlantis Vodno Mesto

An outdoor Finnish sauna that offers a panoramic view of the outer part of Sauna Land.


An in-depth outdooor Finnish sauna.


The Alpine Sauna is outdoor Finnish sauna in Sauna Land that looks an Alpine hut.


The outdoor Finnish sauna in Sauna Land that looks like a rustic house.


There are 12 thematic indoor saunas in this part of Sauna Land.


You can rest in the enclosed area that offers a great view of the outdoor part of Sauna Land.


There are several warm and cold baths in Sauna Land.


Sauna rules and etiquette

Every ritual demands its own time and place. For an abundance of positive energy and an unlimited amount of relaxed moments, the Atlantis Water Park Sauna Land is the right place for a better today and tomorrow – but only if a couple of rules that make for a healthy and efficient sauna experience are followed.

How to improve your well-being

  1. Before entering the sauna, you might want to skip an otherwise excellent lunch or dinner so that your cardiovascular system won’t be additionally burdened with digestion.
  2. Before entering the sauna, always take an obligatory shower. The shower will degrease your skin and prepare the pores for sweating. The effect of the latter will be greatest if you also dry yourself off. 
  3. The first sauna session should be short – for example, ten minutes of medium hot sauna. Afterwards, take a minute or two to cool down, shower and have a rest lasting twice as long as the sauna session.
  4. The second sauna session can be two minutes longer than the first. After twelve minutes, it’s time for another cooling off rest, a shower and a longer resting period, which should last twice as long as the sauna session.
  5. The third sauna session can be even longer and may last up to fifteen minutes. Afterwards: a minute or two of cooling off, a shower and a resting period twice as long as the sauna session.
  6. A sauna session should make you feel better so listen to your body and follow your inner voice. Adjust the duration of the heating and the cooling off period according to your preference. 
  7. There is no limit to how many times you can repeat the hot and cool bath sequence, but it is advisable to stay in the cold water pool only for a very short amount of time since the body does not welcome sudden and fast cooling down.
  8. Should you have any health concerns about entering a sauna, consult your personal physician.
  9. In a sauna, we may sit or lie down. Before leaving the sauna, we sit upright in order to achieve normal blood pressure and avoid vertigo.
  10.  In the sauna, we are completely naked, with no clothes or hats on. We always sit or lie down on a towel, with our entire body. No towel is used in the steam sauna.

While there are no strict sauna rules, there are guidelines that help you do as much as possible to benefit your health and the vitality of each and every one of your cells.

Did you know?

  • We enter the sauna quickly, sit where available and do not talk loudly. We are considerate towards others and open or close the door quickly in order to prevent the influx of cold air.
  • We leave watering the sauna furnace to the sauna master. By pouring water on the stones we do not raise the temperature but the relative humidity, which changes the meaning of a Finnish sauna.
  • The temperature is highest on the topmost stair and lowest on the lowest stair, so we may move between the two depending on how we feel at the moment. The temperature climbs from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius per stair.
  • Cooling off the body after it heats in the sauna and the heart rate speeds up is an integral part of the sauna experience. However, it is advisable to wait a minute or two before jumping into a cool bath or shower and take a couple of deep breaths. Then you can enjoy the benefits of some cold watery refreshment, which contracts the peripheral vascular system and gives you an intensely pleasurable feeling. 
  • Vertigo is a consequence of the constant adjustments the body needs to make to track the changes in temperature. It usually happens in people with low blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are advised to avoid the cold water pool and cool down their bodies gradually and for a longer period of time before showering.
  • Sweating in the sauna makes us lose a lot of fluids, which need to be replenished by drinking non-alcoholic beverages. We should drink these while cooling off, since they also help cool down the body’s temperature.
  • Before entering the sauna it is advisable to remove all make-up and jewellery. Afterwards, the skin should be pampered with moist emulsion, post-shower body milk or nourishing body lotions.
  • While in the sauna, you can also enjoy a massage. The sauna master will organize you a Thai massage session while you just lie back and enjoy.
  • A visit to the solarium (tanning booth) should be made after the sauna session.
  • Afterwards, it is also advisable to really take some time to cool down and have a longer rest.
  • After leaving the Atlantis Water Park Sauna Land, especially in the winter months, it is advisable to dress in a way that protects the skin from inclement weather effects.