Professional health centre

When was the last time you have woken up your body, had an efficient workout and truly enjoyed your movement? Do you know how to acquire good posture and learn to move in a way that will enhance your well-being as well as your work and general life performance? How should you maintain a youthful appearance? 

The programmes on offer at the Fitness clinic, individual treatments, treatments with doctor fish and LPG Endermologie can answer all these questions. They represent a new line of endeavour in Atlantis Water Park, called Professional health centre.

The programmes aim to:

  • enhance a person’s general well-being and carry out various sports activities,
  • provide natural foot care (treatments with the Garra rufa fish),
  • provide special care for a rejuvenated appearance of face and body.

The Fitness clinic will help you with a systematic approach to exercise based on your skills, personal preferences and goals. Basic exercise can continue with the “Core training” programme, which is designed to strengthen your core muscles, the “Running clinic”, which takes place on various running machines, the “Power programme”, which focuses on suspension trainers and skip ropes, or “Circuit training”, which is designed primarily to burn fat and increase aerobic fitness. You can also opt for “Oriental hip hop”, which focuses on strengthening abdominal and pelvic muscles, and “Pilates”, which releases tension, exercises the entire body and helps you achieve a relaxed breathing technique. 

>>Fitness clinic

For a youthful look of your face and body, choose LPG Endermologie, based on the mechanical stimulation of the skin with two motorised rollers. Lipomassage enhances microcirculation, eliminates cellulite, reduces localized fat, restores tone to connective tissue and accelerates the extraction of toxins from the body. The method is entirely painless, it is relaxing, and proceeds without surgical interference or chemical substances.

>>LPG Endermologie

Individual treatments are based on:

  • kinesiology, a scientific study concerned with movement and the performance of joints; based on various natural as well as social sciences (from anatomy and physiology to sociology and history), it is used to improve athletic performance and is also popular in therapeutic programmes;
  • the application of elastic tapes to support muscle function, relieve pain, reinforce the joints, reduce swelling, diminish the chances of inflammation etc.;
  • acquiring good posture and learning correct movement, in water as well as on dry land; the Halliwick technique is especially suitable for children with special needs, on whom it has a particularly beneficent effect.

>>Individual treatments

Welcome to our modern Professional health centre, where you will kickstart your body, care for a beautiful and healthy skin with the help of LPG Endermologie, and enjoy a soothing massage, courtesy of the doctor fish.



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